Corporate Travel Insurance

Covering losses incurred whilst on business travel


What is Corporate Travel Insurance?

An annual insurance policy covering business travel undertaken by company directors and employees throughout Australia and the world.

Can also cover company directors’ leisure travel anywhere in the world.

Who should consider it?

Any business whose directors &/or employees travel intrastate, interstate or internationally for business.

Did you know?

Most policies don’t cover risky activities such as motorcycle or moped riding, skiing, 

parachuting, scuba diving or surfing. However, some will cover these activities for an 

additional premium. Make sure you take out a policy that’s the right one for you – 

not just the one that’s the cheapest!

What can it cover:

Common features of a Corporate Travel insurance policy include:

  • Overseas medical and medical evacuation expenses
  • Loss of deposits and additional expenses
  • Lost baggage and belongings
  • Loss of deposits
  • Personal injury cover
  • Rental vehicle excess (when rental vehicle insurance is purchased)
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion cover options
  • Personal Liability cover

What isn’t covered:

Pre-existing injuries or illness may be excluded. There may also be age limitations.

Private leisure travel will generally be excluded unless agreed by underwriters.

Underwriters are now specifically excluding claims arising from COVID-19 and such infectious diseases.

Other exclusions will apply and you should review any quote received carefully and consider the policy wording for all policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.

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