Strata Title Insurance

Insurance for residential, commercial & industrial strata title buildings and their owners & committees


What is Strata Insurance?

Strata Insurance covers a strata title building and common property against loss or damage, just like a home & contents policy will

When you are the owner of a unit within a strata title building you cannot insure your portion of the building – the owners must purchase a strata insurance policy that covers the whole property.

Additionally, any public liability risks arising from the building and common property will be covered as well as the individual committee members who manage the scheme and owners’ funds.

Who should consider it?

Strata Insurance must be purchased by the owners’ corporation of any strata title property, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial use.

Did you know:

As a committee member of an owners’ corporation you can be held 
personally liable for wrongdoing that affects owners. A strata insurance
policy protects individual committee members for any unintentional
wrongdoing whilst acting in their capacity.

What can it cover:

  • Loss or damage to the building and common contents
  • Glass breakage
  • Disaster protection
  • Loss of rent
  • Public Liability
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • Theft of owners’ funds
  • Office Holders Liability
  • Personal Accident

What isn’t covered:

Sometimes improvements made by unit holders and their fixtures & fittings are not covered by the strata policy. The personal contents of a unit holder will also be excluded and each owner or tenant will need their own insurance covering loss or damage to their own property. The Public Liability coverage of a strata policy will also only extend to liability arising from the strata scheme and so owners & tenants will need their own legal liability coverage.

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